Meet the Team

Get to know the peeps at bibles4peoples

Colby Sturm 

In 2009 Colby joined a group of friends on a short term mission trip, where he became aware of the lack of bibles that missionaries and pastors dealt with. Upon coming home to Texas he founded bibles4peoples to help solve the problem of bible poverty.


Sarah Sturm

Sarah has been involved with bibles4peoples since day 1. She serves as the NGO management specialist and oversees all media development. Her heart for missions is evident in the way she lights up when talking about her overseas trips to serve missionaries and pastors through bible distribution. Sarah married Colby and the two have never looked back on normal life.


Pat Bell

Pat is a champion. His love for the scriptures is unparalleled. Pat often tells the story of how he first received and read a bible almost 60 years ago. His life was never the same. Pat serves on the board of directors and also is behind the "One Year Bible" distribution to churches and people in need locally. Pat once served as the judge in the county and we still rely on his good discernment today.

Coltan Coleman


Coltan or should we say Captain, is a joy for everyone at bibles4peoples. He serves as the official Global Ambassador and brand representative. Coltan is professionally trained as a large ocean vessel captain and is currently onboard the Mercy Ship as a pilot and b4p rep. Along with being a bibles4peoples ambassador he also is skilled in visual design and is currently working on a new b4p story-telling campaign.

Curtis Afflerbach


Curtis, like Pat has years of bible devotion.His love for Jesus and straightforward approach to missions is inspiring to all of us at b4p. Curtis serves on the board of directors and is a steady voice in our day to day operations. As well as being a valuable assist to the organization, he also serves the local government as a commissioner. His legal experience and common sense are very handy when making tough decisions. 

Mark Keathley 

mark 2.jpg

Mark oozes Jesus. And that's why he serves as our spiritual adviser. Mark has always showed the utmost humility while working with bibles4peoples. Not only is Mark educated in all things bible, he also is a world renowned artist that shines the light of Jesus in his amazing pieces of art.